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‘I enjoy experimenting with texture and colour, adding shapes inspired by rockpools, barnacles, pebbles, fungi and other organic forms’

Taking inspiration from the coastline, movement of the sea, rock-pools, pebbles and beaches I create original hand-built textured and layered ceramic bowls and vases, with signature designs in stoneware, earthenware and semi-porcelain clay.

Each piece of ceramic art is unique: layers of clay peel off vases and bowls; barnacles and other organic-inspired shapes are added to give depth and texture and overlapping layers of glaze create depth of colour and a feeling of movement.

Combing coiling, slab building, pinching and throwing techniques I build and hand decorate each piece, painting on the layers of glaze. The pots are then fired in an electric kiln.

I enjoy experimenting with colour and technique and pushing the boundaries of both my skill and the clay. I have recently started working with semi-porcelain clay. This fires at a lower temperature than porcelain but still produces a beautiful white finish.  I am currently using this to throw small bowls and vases and then applying various bright glossy glazes in contrast to the white mat porcelain clay.  I have also used crackle glazes which add further texture to the finished piece.

I started working with clay in 1978 and subsequently studied at Burton-on-Trent Art School. A few years later I bought my first kick wheel and kiln and started working in my own studio experimenting with ideas and improving my skills.  

Alongside running my pottery studio I have had a career as an administrator/manager in both the NHS and Local Authorities. I decided to take the plunge in February 2011 and became a full-time potter and am currently work from my studio near Nottingham.

I exhibit and sell my pots in several galleries around the country and at craft fairs and exhibitions. I also take commissions and run specialist pottery workshops throughout the year for adults.

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If you would like to commission me to make you a unique piece of ceramic please get in touch

Galleries selling my pottery

 I sell at various galleries and craft fairs throughout the Midlands

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Earthenware glazes tend to be bright colours and are applied by painting on work that has been biscuit fired.

Ideal for firing in an electric kiln they also mature at a lower temperature.

Stoneware glazes fire at a high temperature and are softer more earthy colours.

Underglazes are bright colours that can be fired at both earthenware and stoneware tempertures.

Courses Textured and Layered Ceramics Stoneware vases and bowls Earthenware vases and bowls